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Donate to support Carolyn Smith's "Dance Fashion for Charity" project

We all know how much Covid experience has affected our lives. This is true for everyone, but there are some categories of fragile people who have suffered more than most.

In recent months Carolyn Smith, the famous dancer and judge of the Rai 1 program Dancing with the stars, has often thought about cancer patients and the difficulties they have encountered in receiving adequate care during the pandemic.

It is a problem that Carolyn knows well because she has experienced it herself.

So, she decided to launch the Dance Fashion for Charity initiative, with the aim of purchasing new oncological equipment for the IDI in Rome, which was hit hard by the pandemic.

There are two ways that you can make a contribution: by bidding on one of the dresses that Carolyn will wear during the episodes of Dancing with the Stars at a charity auction or by making a free donation to support the project.

Each Ballando dress has been designed by a different atelier and each tells a different story about the world of dance.

Thanks go to:

The team at the Sant’Andrea hospital in Rome: Prof. Adriana Bonifacino, prof. Paolo Marchetti and Dr. Federica De Galitiis of the IDI.

The VESA Ateliers in London, Chiara Boni in Milan, Flash Dance in Rome, Alfa Fashion in Naples and Lukry Fashion in Palermo for supplying the clothes.

Photographer Federico Guberti for the images.

Finally, a heartfelt thanks to all those who choose to make a contribution: you are making a real difference at this very difficult time!


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