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CharityStars is the premier charity auction, mobile bidding and event management enterprise for Nonprofit Organizations. Over 450 charities worldwide have made us their chosen fundraising partner.

With us, modern bidding technology works together with our leading online auction presence, customer service, and personal attention to enable you to surpass your event's fundraising goals.

How does it work?

Top Technology

Leading auction house
for the nonprofit sector

Bidding Mobililty

Global database
of HNW bidders

Worldwide Reach

Intuitive and
user-friendly experience

Greater Funds

Up to 30% increase
in funds

Gala Event

How does it work?

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Donors from around the world have won life-changing experiences while giving back.
Hear what charities have to say about our partnership.

Eva Longoria

“The Eva Longoria Foundation helps raise funds and make a difference towards children and women across the globe. I am thrilled CharityStars has become the official fundraising partner and am looking forward to working with them again as they help us raise money and support the important work we do.”