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Together we stand strong, dream big and create greater change for causes worldwide.


Find a once-in-a-lifetime experience and unforgettable items that excite you. There’s something for everyone. Your donation changes lives and extends the reach of a charity’s network.


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Knowing exactly how the money is spent is important to us. It’s important to our charities. And we know it’s important to you, too. That’s why we’ve made transparency one of our core values.

For every online auction, CharityStars shows the donation percentage to charity directly below the timer. These amounts vary, depending on the source of the item. Unless otherwise noted, 80% of the net raised amount is remitted to charity. When auctions are provided by one of our suppliers or private donors, CharityStars has a minimum donation rate of 5%.

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Sweepstakes Transparency

For all Sweepstakes, CharityStars offers a free method of entry which may be found at the bottom of each sweepstakes page. No donation is required for a chance to enter to win.

We offer two main types of sweepstakes, those that are provided by our registered 501c3 charity partners and those that CharityStars owns.