Our Story

“So here we are —
With our dream to revolutionize fundraising for charities, we’ve put together a passionate team who cares
about social impact, technology and challenging the
status quo by
offering one destination for all.

The Journey

At CharityStars, we are charities, influencers, brands and individuals. We have causes and dreams on the brain. We are doers, givers and donors. With us, fundraising reaches across media and across methodology. We know
the math - 1 donor x $100,000 is as powerful as 10,000 donors x $10 - and together, in our diversity, we stand stronger, we dream bigger, and we create greater change. Find your dream, take a chance and let’s transform lives!

The people

Team Members

Francesco Nazari Fusetti

Francesco Nazari Fusetti

CEO & Co-Founder

Manuela Ravalli

Manuela Ravalli

Celebrity Manager & Co-Founder

Domenico Gravagno

Domenico Gravagno

CTO & Co-Founder

Robert Robinson
Alexandra Ducocq
Vittorio Minacori
Daniela Splait
Samia Gamal El Din
Florencia Martinelli
Shanna Zullo
Federico Pallazzoto
Alberto Zacchinetti
Liloie Cazorla
Rosie Manning
Ludovica Gorla
Marissa Galliani
Emily Wibberley
Cody Jones
Pedro Di Martino
Anna Kim
Luigi Cardamone
Rebecca Bianchi
Carmelo Badalamenti
Simone Tallarita
Luigi Ramacca
Francesco Foglieni
Omar Moussa
Giovanni Morotti
Sophie Grace Lyon
Michael Tarnauceanu
Omar Elewa

Global Collaboration


Viale Cassala, 32
20143 Milano

Los Angeles

925 N. La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038
United States


2 Soho Square
London W1D 3PX
United Kingdom