Donors from around the world have won life-changing experiences while giving back.
Hear what they have to say about their unforgettable prizes.

A VIP Concert with James Blunt
“My mother Chiara (who is also a big fan) and myself had the incredible opportunity to meet our favorite artist backstage and to go to his concert! I am so lucky to have had the privilege to live out this wonderful experience and to have had the opportunity to meet one of my favorite artists!”
Meeting Jessie J at "The Voice"
“When I realized I won the auction, I just couldn’t believe that I was going to meet Jessie J! The finale of “The Voice” was amazing, and the meet and greet with Jessie was just unbelievable! She was super nice and friendly. The whole thing was a dream come true. Winning this experience made me feel like I won twice: I got to meet my idol and help people in need. What more could I ask for?”
Taking Home Totti's Jersey
“My name is Wang, from China. I’ve been Totti’s fan since I was a kid. His loyalty and dedication continue to influence my life. I’m so happy to have made this contribution to the Red Cross.”
Dinner with Javier Pastore
“Thank you, CharityStars for this truly amazing experience. And thank you, Javier Pastore, whose kindness is as great as his remarkable talent. Everything was exceptionally organized—from the closure of the auction to the dinner at a wonderful Parisian restaurant. It was a priceless experience to me, especially since it was for a good cause. Unforgettable.”
Backstage Access at Paris Fashion Week with Vivienne Westwood
“It was a spectacular show with several wow moments and CharityStars followed up the whole way to ensure everything went smoothly along with the team from Vivienne Westwood. It made the experience even better that the donation went to a great charity, Cool Earth.”
Melissa and Lionel Lemarchand
A Private Belstaff Shopping Trip with Liv Tyler
“My wife and I are really thankful to CharityStars and the Belstaff team for the great opportunity we had. The meeting with Liv Tyler at the Belstaff show really added incredible and unexpected value to the experience.”
Lunch in London with Candy Crush Founder Riccardo Zacconi
“We already knew Riccardo’s history, but it was totally different to hear him tell his story, rich in details and particulars never told before. He represents an example for us, moreover, he is a very friendly person and we were free to talk about our company and ask for information about the growing of the global mobile market and for advice about our business.”
Luca and Francesco
VIP Tickets to “An Evening with Charlie Sheen”
“As soon as we arrived we were treated as guests of Charlie Sheen. After the show we were taken straight to the VIP Lounge where Charlie Sheen was! He congratulated us and then we asked him a number of questions. He was so charming, funny and welcoming.”
Anna and Stelios