Transparency is a core value at CharityStars.

Our mission is to help non-profits raise funds whilst reducing costs. We believe the best way to achieve our mission, is by combining the values of a non-profit with the flexibility and innovation of a tech start-up.

It has always been costly for non-profits to raise funds, be it by a direct campaign or gala. We believe CharityStars to be one of the least costly fundraising solutions for a charity.

Charities receive 80% of the funds raised after deducting third party processing fees and VAT. Third party costs are generally between 4% and 6% of each transaction. CharityStars receives 20% to help sustain our platform.

This 80/20 split net of transaction fees is very competitive compared to many traditional fundraising campaigns that result in only 40 - 50% of the money raised being donated to the charity.

CharityStars keeps 20% (might reduce in time). Charities receive 80% of auctions revenue.

We reinvest the total amount of our fee in to marketing and promotion, ensuring the success of the auction. And this is the reason why we pride ourself in being the best in what we do, helping charities dramatically increase performances previously seen on other platforms, such as eBay.

Our full suite of services also includes press office, authenticity valuation, photos and cataloging, customer service, auction copy, goods storage, shipping and fulfilment. For all these services there is an insertion fee of €15 per item listed online. Apart from that, charities don’t pay any subscription to use our services.

In the event third party costs are higher (extra flight expenses, agency expenses etc), the final donation percentage will always be transparently displayed on the auction page.

And the core of our transparency values: on CharityStars, unlike other sites on the web, users will always be aware of the exact amount they are giving! For us, this is a real “revolution” in fundraising transparency!

Donation Fee

Private Donors

CharityStars also allow professional private sellers to offer items for auction and donate a portion of the sales to a charity of their choice.

Whether you are an artist, a designer or a private collector, we encourage you to raise money for charity by adding a charitable angle to your sale.

Sellers must donate a minimum of 10% of the final auction proceeds to charity.

The more they donate to charity, the more likely the auction is to receive higher bids! Again, in line with our transparency policy, the donation amount will be clearly displayed for each auction.

Private Donors

Become a fundraiser. Be a CharityStar.

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auction proceeds you wish to donate.

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The fact of the matter is that nothing in life is free, besides for ‘love’ of course. We know this only too well, which is why we want to be as clear and transparent as possible, showing you exactly where our money is spent.

Without marketing, social media, PR, administration and technical support, it would be rather difficult creating fundraising opportunities for hundreds of charities across the world.

This is the reason why 20% of the auction proceeds are directly reinvested, providing the best possible outcome for every charity, organisation and auction.

The more we raise together, the further our helping hands can reach.

When it comes to running a huge world-changing operation, we make every penny count. 10% Legal assistance. 20% Technical development. 40% Team. 10% PR with celebrities. 20% Marketing costs.

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