'Dead Lives Matter' On-Set Experience Itinerary & More Information

VINTAGE HORROR FILMS is revitalizing the authentic jump scare thriller films by producing intense psychological movies with creative plots, cinematic esteem and actual moments that scare audiences.

Our film, Dead Lives Matter will be produced in the same Pennsylvania town that brought us this original iconic series (Night of the Living Dead) that started America’s zombie craze!   

About the film: Dead Lives Matter is part of the original 1968 series Night of the Living Dead. We’re getting back to the basics here. While Detective Brown follows after an escaped convict, he encounters a couple of screwball zombies trying to retrieve stolen loot from the Evans City Cemetery. The film abandons any he-hawing for in-your-face zombie thrills and chills. Characters are introduced, zombies appear and the characters either band together or split apart in their attempt to survive.


Arrive: Thursday, June 8, 2023     

12PM - Check in. You will be staying at the same hotel as the cast & crew.  3.5 Star Hotel.  Hotel name and location will be given to the winner.     

2PM - On-set overview with John Russo.     

4PM – Intro into Horror Films with John Russo.     

6PM - Dinner with Director Gary Lee Vincent.     

Friday, June 9, 2023     

8AM - Arrive on Set     

All Day on Set     

12PM – Lunch on set with Jeremy Ambler. 

6PM - Dinner with Cast & Crew on Set     

Saturday, June 10, 2023  

8AM - Arrive on Set     

12PM – Lunch with on set with Julie McCullogh.    

6PM - Dinner with Producer John Russo.     

Sunday, June 11, 2023     

11AM - Check-out      

Recent News on the film and best selling novel: https://www. itcamefromhollywood.net/post/dead-lives-matter