Win an Athletica Vaticana Shirt Hand Signed by Pope Francis

Sweepstakes supporting WE RUN TOGETHER – Supporting our team
Win an Athletica Vaticana Shirt Hand Signed by Pope Francis
Win an Athletica Vaticana Shirt Hand Signed by Pope Francis
Win an Athletica Vaticana Shirt Hand Signed by Pope Francis

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The Prize

On May 20, 2020 Pope Francis signed this Athletica Vaticana shirt.

One of you will be the lucky winner of this incredible collector’s item. All you need to do is make a small donation is all it takes to have a chance of winning.

But that’s not all. The partners involved in “WE RUN TOGETHER – Supporting our team” have decided to put 30 amazing prizes up for grabs for another 30 lucky winners!

They’ve put together 30 kits comprising: a blue Athletica Vaticana shirt from the campaign, a keyring and a Fiamme Gialle gadget.

Pope Francis and the campaign organizers want to show their thanks to medical and nursing staff at the Papa Giovanni XXIII in Bergamo and the Fondazione Poliambulanza in Brescia. The funds raised from “WE RUN TOGETHER – Supporting our team” will go directly to those who have tirelessly looked after Coronavirus patients in recent months.

Even a small donation makes a difference.


ELENCO VINCITORI del secondo premio:

  1. Claudio N.
  2. Francisco J.P.
  3. Angelo C.
  4. Vincenzo I.
  5. Angelo P.
  6. Khalid A.
  7. Vittorio B.
  8. Emanuele P.
  9. Kristian V.
  10. Paolo C.
  11. Diego F.
  12. Diego F.
  13. Simone F.
  14. Camillo F.
  15. Rita M.
  16. Leticia V.S.
  17. Matthew C.
  18. Salvatore P.
  19. Alberto C.
  20. Dario L.
  21. Dario L.
  22. Romina N.
  23. Tony C.
  24. Filippo C.
  25. Riccardo B.
  26. Sebastjan K.
  27. TBA
  28. TBA
  29. TBA
  30. TBA


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Papa Francesco può pregare poco poco anche per me? Ho paura che le mie preghiere non arrivino più lassù. Grazie. Io la porto nel cuore

Francesca Lori3 years ago

Grazie Santo Padre, il Signore Vi benedica e vi preserVi a lungo alla guida della Sua Santa Chiesa.

Carlo D'Aniello3 years ago

Grazie Papà Francesco!

Anonymous3 years ago

Grazie per essere sempre vicino a tutti noi. Le voglio bene

Anonymous3 years ago

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