Provide Funding for Future Treatment Grants
5 Entries+

Provide Funding for Future Treatment Grants

Your donation goes into the foundation's grant pool for funding future treatment grants.

Donate $25
Provide 1-Month of Antibiotics
10 Entries+

Provide 1-Month of Antibiotics

Your donation will provide antibiotics for a Lyme patient for one month.

Donate $50
Provide 2-Months of Antibiotics
20 Entries+

Provide 2-Months of Antibiotics

Your donation will provide antibiotics for a Lyme patient for two months.

Donate $100
Provide Supplements
50 Entries+

Provide Supplements

Your donation will provide all supplements for a Lyme patient for one month.

Donate $250
Provide a Patient Consult
100 Entries+

Provide a Patient Consult

Your donation will provide an initial patient consult with a Lyme doctor.

Donate $500
IGeneX Blood Test
200 Entries+

IGeneX Blood Test

Your donation will provide an IGeneX blood test for one patient.

Donate $1,000
Specialist Visit and IGeneX Blood Test
500 Entries+

Specialist Visit and IGeneX Blood Test

Your donation will fund three visits to a Lyme disease specialist and an IGeneX blood test for one patient.

Donate $2,500
Full Patient Grant
800 Entries+

Full Patient Grant

Your donation provides a full patient grant, which includes multiple appointments with a Lyme disease specialist, an IGeneX blood test, as well as antibiotics and supplements to support healing.

Donate $4,000

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The Prize

Hello Everyone, 

As some of you may know, on my birthday I love to give back to all my fans. I am going to record a personalized video performance of “We Are Warriors” just for one of you, with proceeds going to The Avril Lavigne Foundation, to continue to #FightLyme.

Covid-19 has been a difficult time for everyone around the world. No matter where you live, no matter what you do, everyone has been affected in some way. Please know that although it may seem in many ways that the world has stopped because of Covid-19, the needs of Lyme patients have not stopped - they have increased.

This is my way of celebrating you and thanking you for being so loyal, supportive and thoughtful through these difficult times.

I’ve never done anything like this before, but now, if you donate $10, you will be automatically entered for a chance to win this personalized performance. Donate more and your chances go up. You can donate as many times as you’d like!

The Avril Lavigne Foundation has been there for the Lyme community for many years, and with your help, we can continue to do even more, during this ongoing time of need.
Thank you and good luck!




The Cause

The Avril Lavigne Foundation supports people with Lyme Disease, serious illness or disabilities. Through programs and grants, it provides prevention resources, funds treatment grants, and accelerates scientific research in order to provide hope and transform lives. 

Since its inception in 2010, The Avril Lavigne Foundation, Avril and her fans around the world have been impacting lives for the better. Charitable beneficiaries including Center for Courageous Kids, Easter Seals, Global Lyme Alliance, LymeLight Foundation, Lyme Treatment Foundation, Make-A-Wish, Race to Erase MS, Special Olympics, UNICEF and many more have benefitted from the funds and awareness generated from these global efforts. 

Funds from this sweepstakes will help The Avril Lavigne Foundation directly impact individuals affected by Lyme disease, via the Foundation’s partner beneficiary charities. 


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Avrilish JP 6 months ago

Happy Birthday Avril! We hope to see your amazing show in 2021! xo

Donna Sherred 6 months ago

Hey Avril, It Donna here from twitter account @Avrildailypost I just want to say thank you for being you, for helping me , saving my life and for your lyrics being my story, you’re a true inspiration without you I wouldn’t be who I am today , I really want to meet you and thank you for everything you’re truly special and I’m forever grateful for you . Thank you for being my idol teaching me daily things will get better and I can do this. I hope one day you follow me so I can thank you personally I love you so much. Supporting since day 1 I love you Abbey ❤️

Jimmy Moore 6 months ago

You are a warrior!

Lee Johnson 6 months ago

uuummmm?? am at the right spot? oh wait, I am. Cool. Love you Avril. Happy B day. Lee.

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