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Heart Breakfast's Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden spend their mornings entertaining the nation, and this Christmas they could be turning up the feel good in your household too! Enter now for a chance to win a message from these two beloved personalities.


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Hi Jamie and Amanda I wanted to say I love hearing your voices on heart every morning at my time in Australia when I first saw you on there with Jamie I was like I’ve seen Jamie on something before I saw it on YouTube it was mad about AliceI love that show your both good together in it I’m dying to meet you two someday in my NDIS form wish list Melissa asked me what’s your wish to accomplish I said trip to uk to go to bgt to meet the bgt judges maybe audition on it as well seeing other shows it upsets me that my parents can’t afford it right now I hope and pray it will happen merry Christmas you two have a great new year with your beautiful families sending virtual hugs and kisses from me

Anonymous3 years ago

Hello, Jamie & Amanda. This is bailey, Heart Breakfast Fan from Thailand. I'm glad that I am part of this incredible campaign. You two are doing brilliantly! I will support every campaign you involved.

Worada Yodjabog3 years ago

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