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Your entries could mean someone experiencing domestic abuse can reach out for advice and support online.

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Your support could create a friendship for an older person who is feeling more alone than ever.

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Your help could provide hot meals for two weeks to a family struggling to put food on the table.

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Your help could provide urgent nursing care at home for a child with a life-limiting condition.

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Your help could provide 30 minutes of trauma therapy for a young person who has lost someone they love.

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Your support could fund a mental health crisis counseling call that could potentially save a person’s life.

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KSI’s career as a musician, YouTuber, actor, author and professional boxer is already one defined by a determination to take risks which pay off. This'll be something you or a friend will 'Really Love'.

The Cause

Global’s Make Some Noise raises money for small charities up and down the country, supporting the most vulnerable people in our communities.

Through the charity’s Emergency Appeal, they’re providing crucial funding to small charities and community projects that are working tirelessly to help those hit hardest by coronavirus. 

This includes people who are homeless and families living in poverty, vulnerable people with care needs, those affected by domestic abuse, as well as those experiencing grief, loneliness or mental health problems. 

As the official charity of Global, the Media and Entertainment Group, Make Some Noise brings together the UK’s best-loved radio stations - Heart, Capital, LBC, Capital XTRA, Classic FM, Smooth, Radio X and Gold - as well as some special celebrity friends, to raise money for small charities that change lives.


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Kallam Nahoor 8 days ago

I’ve been subscribed to you since you started youtube, watching your boxing career and music career grow is a huge inspiration❤️

Anonymous 8 days ago

I’ve donated as it’s a good cause so it’s worth it whatever the list come, but also my boyfriend is absolutely obsessed with ksi/sidemen so this would be the best christmas present for him ever! he’s been watching you since the start and you’re a big part of his everyday life so he’d probably cry lol, merry christmas

Tom Fletcher 8 days ago

Please wish my mate Ollie a Happy Christmas, he has struggled mentally with lockdown and this will really help him! Thanks

Emmy Oughton 8 days ago

I have been such a huge fan of you since you started YouTube. Your music career and boxing career are both such an inspiration to all! ❤️

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