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12 years since they first burst onto the scene, JLS are reunited and back with a bang! They’ll record your shout-out in ‘One Shot’ so all you need to decide is who it’s for.


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I'm your biggest fan and can't wait to watch you guys on tour in June 2021 as I bought VIP tickets for me and my sister but unfortunately covid hit us and we wasn't able to go on our original date which would have been 25th November 2020 so roll on 2021 can't wait to see you on tour boys. Lots of love and hugs. Stay Safe xx

Anonymous3 years ago

I hope to have a video message from you

Sadie Pyett-Reeve3 years ago

Hiya jls just,to say that I think you guys are amazing so glad to hear that u havd reunited at 10 years its been a long time. I am hoping I can add you all next year on your tour kind regards Michele Williams

Michele Williams 3 years ago

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