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Fancy holding a quiz hosted by the one and only Dermot O’Leary? Be in with a chance of winning a Zoom quiz that will go down in history...for not necessarily the right reasons!


“I’m excited to have the chance to host a quiz for you & your family/friends! And what a bonus that for every raffle ticket you lovely lot buy, Choose Love will be able to do more to help refugees this winter. It’s a very tough time of year for people living in camps so please do Choose Love and grab as many tickets as you can afford if you fancy a chance to win.”

Dermot O'Leary

The Cause

Choose Love does whatever it takes to identify, close and prevent gaps in services and protections for refugees and displaced people, from life-saving search and rescue to life-changing education and training, Choose Love provides emergency aid and long-term solutions where they are needed most.

Around the world, refugees face a freezing winter in tents and makeshift shelters all amidst a global pandemic. No one chooses to be a refugee. But we can choose how we respond. All proceeds from our auction and sweepstake Charity Stars this winter will help us get the desperately-needed items and services to the places and people that need them most. Your generous bids will buy blankets, kids coats, firewood, medical care, nutritious, warming food and more. 

We are so grateful to our friends and supporters who have donated these incredible experiences and offerings to help fund our emergency response work this winter.


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Gemma Nolan 19 days ago

A fantastic cause to support, and the possibility of a quiz with the lovely Demot, it’s a no a brainer!

Eileen Harte 20 days ago

Dermot through your feed you introduced us to this amazing charity Choose Love so it seemed right to donate to your quiz. It would be fun to win but we already won by helping others!

Claire White 20 days ago

This would be so funny, just by donating some money, Dermot hosting a quiz over zoom. What do i say, without giving away, that my mates are all looney tune.. We are all middle aged, feeling like we are caged, Stuck indoors with our partners and kids. Hoping for a new face, to come into our space, and cheer us up by hosting a quiz. Keep up the good work. I would love to win this, just to cheer up a bunch of hardworking 45-50 year olds who now drink way too much wine.

Nikolina Noble 1 month ago

Thank you so much for supporting Choose Love, it needs all the support it can get, and who better to represent its causes. I hope your generous offer will generate generous donations.

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