Win Billie Eilish Handwritten and Signed Lyrics

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Win Billie Eilish Handwritten and Signed Lyrics
Win Billie Eilish Handwritten and Signed Lyrics
Win Billie Eilish Handwritten and Signed Lyrics
Win Billie Eilish Handwritten and Signed Lyrics

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The critically-acclaimed and award-winning song 'Your Power' was a huge hit in countries around the world, and its lyrics stand as one of the great artistic statements of modern times standing against the abuse and exploitation committed by individuals who misuse their power.

Billie Eilish’s signed, hand-written lyrics to the first verse of ‘Your Power’ is a true piece of music history in the making, you can bid here to be the proud owner.

Certificate of Authenticity included.

This item is part of The Circle's Music Icons Auction. Annie Lennox said: “I have long believed that music can build bridges and bring people together and it is wonderful to see these phenomenal female artists stand side by side with women and girls around the world facing and fighting gender-based violence. Join The Circle and global feminists everywhere as we continue to push forward, protest and take action to end violence against our sisters. Please get involved, bid and help us to support women and girls around the world.”


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Your music and creative process inspire me. Seeing you develop your happiness made me reconsider how I think about my own life. The lessons I learned and will continue to learn, are my own. When you sing about your emotions, it makes me feel like there are others like me, that I'm not some strange alien stuck here. I still gotta work on myself, and I'm struggling, but I'm a little bit happier and your songs paint some of my time. I'm procrastinating, but I hope I can make music you'll listen to one day. Thank you for giving me some hope.

Anonymous1 year ago

typing this from the campsite outside the forum!!! Cant'wait to see you tonight Billie at the HTE Hometown encore :') This would be so awesome to frame and I'm glad we get to support a good cause at the same time!! This would be an awesome way to start 2023! <3 :)

Diego Alvarado1 year ago

Love you and your work 😍

Linda Rustemeier1 year ago

Thank you for doing this and supporting a great cause. Using your fame in this way is very inspirational and kind hearted of you. You’re an inspiration to me and will forever be one of my favorite artist. Again thank you for doing this, really hope I win this would be perfect for me. Even if I don’t it’s ok because it’s a win win, even if I don’t win I know someone will with my donation. I hope my donation helps and thank you Billie. <3

Travis Lenz1 year ago

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