An Evening with Jürgen Klopp

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An Evening with Jürgen Klopp
An Evening with Jürgen Klopp
An Evening with Jürgen Klopp
An Evening with Jürgen Klopp
An Evening with Jürgen Klopp
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The Prize

Hi LFC Fans!

The Liverpool FC Foundation are offering the chance to have an evening with Jürgen Klopp for up to 4 people - hosted by Dave Critchley, Head Chef at the London Carriage Works and wine expert Rak Jain from the House of Townend Wines 

This can take place in your home or at the prestigious London Carriage Works restaurant in Liverpool City Centre.

This is your opportunity to meet the new manager in person and share an evening of fine dining and conversation with Jürgen Klopp himself and up to 3 friends or members of your family. You have to be in it to win it, so get your ticket now!

The prize includes:

  • A 6 course gourmet meal prepared by top chef David Critchley and wine for each course specifically chosen by Rak Jain of House of Townend
  • Jürgen Klopp, the Liverpool Football Club manager will join you and your friends for the evening meal
  • For the dinner to take place in your home, you must live within 15 miles of Liverpool City Centre.
  • Alternatively*, or if you live outside of the 15 mile radius the dinner will be hosted at the London Carriage Works restaurant based at the Hope Street Hotel in Liverpool City Centre.

*Up to £2,000 in travel costs will be reimbursed if travel to the restaurant is required. Proof of spend required.


Good luck!


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Thanks, this will be mint!

Mark Rodgers5 years ago

Great charity, awesome team, phenomenal manager!

Blodwyn 5 years ago


Janet Gerrard5 years ago


Danielle Wood5 years ago

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