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Coronavirus has turned all our lives upside down. 

Sometimes it takes moments of darkness for us to reveal our shining qualities.

Now the shining light comes from the dedicated doctors, nurses and health workers who are working to give us something truly precious: hope.

This is why we’ve launched #UnderTheBlu, a fundraising campaign to support the Italian Red Cross as they work on the frontline in the COVID-19 crisis. They need the support of each and every one of us to purchase essential medical equipment and ensure availability of supplies.

#UnderTheBlu is a fundraising campaign with a difference. We’ve turned the simple act of giving into something fun and rewarding, to help raise a smile when we really need it, by involving international celebrities who are putting experiences with them up for auction – along with some true collectors items.

These big names are Saturnino Celani, Cristian Marchi, Henry Ruggeri, Massimo Cotto, Eiffel 65, Marvin e Prezioso and Willy Marano.

All proceeds will go to the Italian Red Cross.

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