The Goal

At White Mathilda we deal with stalking, mobbing, sexual abuse, battery, psychological abuse, bullying, homophobia and gender-based violence, by guaranteeing psychological and legal assistance and support to all individuals, regardless of age, sex, race, religion, ideology and social class.

Every day of the year White Mathilda is committed to helping women in need, victims of violent men who believe possession is a form of love, who are unable to accept being left and who are blind to their own wrongdoing.

We receive victims who are lost, afraid or even terrified.
In their eyes we read fear, loneliness, despair, shame, resignation.

Every day we are motivated to help these people to erase these feelings from their eyes and their soul, or at least to alleviate their suffering.
Unfortunately this is not enough. We are lacking resources needed to continue our mission.

Here at White Mathilda we have a great dream. We want to finish building our home for victims of violence, a place where women and children can finally feel protected and put a safe distance between them and the violent men who are waiting for them at home.

Your support will help to strengthen our Mission and nurture our Dream.
White Mathilda aims to keep making a difference and - with your support - continue doing our good work.

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