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The Prize

Handmade Wall clock by Moreno Marzaroli.

Materials : plexiglass and resins

Year 2018

Certificate of Authenticity included. Dimensions: height 45cm; width 55cm; depth 3.5cm. 

Equipped with a wooden numbered, signed, handcrafted and painted case. The inside of the case has shaped protective padding to store the clock.

Maximum dimensions: height 10.5cm; length 64cm; width 54 cm

During the late '80s, Moreno began to develop his artistic talent by painting small characters on walls. In 1993, he experimented with figurative art, which he later abandoned, then ventured into a period of great creative chaos. After that, he decided to move away from any artistic trend, using his own language to express profound messages of the contemporary age. Since 1999, he has exhibited his work in various group shows in Italy like "Emergenze" at the Independent Artist Gallery of Busto Garolfo (Milan), "Human Rights? Diversity" at Opera Campana dei Caduti in Rovereto, the Step Art Fair Scultura in Milan, and the Varese Design Week in Varese.

The Cause

The charitable “Il Cireneo” Onlus Association was founded on May 24, 2001 to support the recovery of Matteo Pio Colella, Maria Lucia Ippolito’s son who is the founder of this project. Matteo’s pain and suffering followed by their joy at his recovery (credited to a miracle which canonized Padre Pio), pushed his mother, friends and family to become supporters and spokespersons of a Christian support group which helps other families who are overwhelmed by grief. Padre Pio is known as the “Simon of Cyrene” from Gargano, and is at the heart of worship for mortal suffering. As Jesus Christ taught us, only through faith and active prayer we can filter pain and give social activity a deeper meaning.

The association welcomes everyone regardless of religious belief or social background. It has been promoting the values of human dignity for 17 years now and it actively targets people lacking in the necessary means to live a decent life, due to their diseases or disorders.

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  • Certificate of authenticity included.
  • In condition as donated.
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