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The Prize

Support a young person on a trip to Israel to help them grow up with a strong and well-rooted identity. 

These experiences help our children to gain a strong sense of identity and belonging, strengthening their bond with their own culture and traditions. The Travel to Israel project gives secondary school students the opportunity to spend a 17-day stay in Israel.   

The study programme - primarily aimed at children from disadvantaged backgrounds - schedules visits to the most significant places in terms of history and Judaism, socialization activities and activities that teach solidarity as well as visits to “High Tech” centers. The main objective is to consolidate these young people's relationship with the realities of Israel, taking on an understanding of everyday life and familiarizing themselves with the Hebrew language. 

The Cause

The foundation contributes to the costs of running the Jewish School of Milan and promotes excellence in training and cultural identity inspired by the principles of Judaism, always in line with the times.

Projects financed by the foundation are chosen from those presented by entities, teachers or educational managers through a precise procedure established in conjunction with the foundation itself and the Jewish community of Milan.

The project is evaluated for efficiency and conformity to regulations and, if approved, is funded. For all projects and particularly those that have a long-term duration, feedback is requested from the applicant in order to share the results with the donators.

In 2015, we raised 306,200 euro to contribute to the projects. Furthermore, for the “eight per thousand” projects, we obtained the approval and related funding of 14,000 euro from the UCEI, the Italian Jewish Community Union, for a teacher training project to use the Feuerstein Method in educational activities.

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