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The Prize

"Totem" by Alberto De Braud.

Cast aluminum
77 x 12 x 12 cm

The Totem is presented as a repetition of history and of man, which changes radically if viewed from different standpoints. It is a replica, the image of likeness, similar but not equal creatures.

Alberto de Braud was born in Milan in 1959. He studied at Rhode Island School of Design: B.F.A. 1983, San Francisco Art Institute, Parsons School of Design, City College.

Alberto de Braud is passionate about accumulation, sequences, multiplication. In his works in which objects, now decontextualized, are repeated, some critics have seen the emphasis on the dimension of interplay, others the bankrupt attempt of man to rise up, always frustrated by the sense of precariousness. The recurring thread of de Braud's works remains the concept of a metaphorical idea in which this process provides the viewer only fragments of reality, meaningless empty signs, which when put together take on a new meaning, which is arbitrary and imposed by the artist.

Project by Olimpia Rospigliosi curated by Bohdan Stupak. Between 14 and 22 July it will be possible to view the works exclusively on appointment at the Studio Rospigliosi in Piazza Borromeo 10 in Milan, Italy.


The Cause

LaSpes is a non-profit association that finances scholarships for young researchers. 100% of the money raised is devolved to the cause. The association was set up in memory of Francesco, a young man suffering from WAS, one of many rare genetic diseases.

WAS (Wiskott Aldrich Syndrom) is characterized by an immune deficiency belonging to the large category of primitive immunodeficiencies. It begins in childhood with eczema and recurrent infections, coagulation disorders and abnormalities in the number and function of platelets.

Understanding whether a child is affected by WAS means being able to intervene immediately: this is why early diagnosis is essential.

LaSpes therefore supports research that is not carried out by pharmaceutical companies. It focuses on young people and the future of science in the hope of give those affected by WAS and other rare diseases the longest possible future.

Italian actor and director Alessandro Preziosi is ambassador for the association.

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