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The Prize

Take home this beautiful painting "The Eye" by Catalan artist Max Rovira. 

Following his early works in the post-impressionist style, Rovira, maintaining that same pictorial rigor, gradually moved towards an inexhaustable array of reflections and light to mould an attitude to reality. 

His paintings have moved closer to cubism, which feature a certain nostalgia and sadness compensated by an increasingly dazzling chromatic scale.

This piece is the perfect addition to any art collection. 


Resin on canvas
Dimensions: 150x100cm

The Cause

As you may have noticed, the world of disability and mobility is developing fast, and mentalities about the necessity to get a maximum of accessible places have been evolving.

It is increasingly common to talk about the “Disability market” because the tourism sector is aware that there is a real opportunity to attract and retain new customers, who were often cast aside in the past. Unfortunately, a large amount of persons with reduced mobility still do not travel and are often reluctant to move into unfamiliar surroundings. 

80% of people do not travel because they do not get responses to their requests, and the necessary information in order to prepare their trip in the best possible way. The Wheeling Around the World Foundation’s aim is to break down the barriers in order to enable everyone to travel in the best possible conditions, and to fulfill their dreams. 

The Wheeling Around the World Foundation also intends to be the spokesperson of disability and mobility, in order to heighten the awareness of institutions and the tourism industry about the importance of accessibility for everyone.

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