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The Prize

The award-winning Ricky Gervais has become a household name in comedy over the last decade. He began his rise to fame through the hit series The Office before continuing his comedy genius with the wonderfully witty series Extras. As well as being in numerous stand-up and TV shows such as An Idiot Abroad and Derek, Ricky also cracked Hollywood, starring in Ghost Town and The Invention of Lying

Ricky has supported Small Steps Project with donations of shoes for our auction every year since 2012.

This year, Ricky has donated a pair of matte, black and shiny, distressed, leather Nike trainers, US size 7.5.


  • Matte, black and shiny, distressed, leather Nike trainers
  • US Size 7.5
  • Signed on the outside of both shoes


(Photo Credit: I Heart Studios)

The Cause

Small Steps Project is a UK charity that wants to inspire everyone to take a small step, because together it is possible to make a difference.

From people volunteering their skills and attending their events, to companies donating their products and services, Small Steps raises funds that go to those who need it most. First, they provide emergency aid, shoes and food to children and communities living on municipal rubbish dumps around the world. Then they provide support for children to take steps into education, and adults into employment.

They deliver their projects in two phases. In the first phase they deliver emergency aid distribution projects, providing items that will protect people from the immediate dangers on rubbish dumps—from shoes, gloves and clothing to mosquito nets, food and water. This enables them to establish the demographics of the dump and devise and implement the second phase of sustainable projects that aims to reduce the time children spend on dumps and support them in taking small steps into education.

Small Steps Project makes documentary films and organises campaigns, such as Celebrity Shoe Auctions, to boost awareness and raise funds for this huge, but often overlooked, global situation.

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