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The Prize

"Raccoglitore di Arance" by Giuseppe Migneco

Aquatint etching
Dimensions: 60 x 45 cm
Signature and number in pencil on front
Number A.p.

Giuseppe Migneco (Messina, 9 February 1903 - Milan, 28 February 1997) was an Italian painter. He is remembered as one of the greatest expressionists of the twentieth century.

In 1937 he was one of the founders of the "Corrente" movement which brought together artists from different cultural backgrounds with a common goal of opening up to modern European culture, by rejecting the cultural isolation imposed by fascist politics.

Over time, artists with very different visions of art became part of the "Corrente" movement, initially coming together to reject outdated pictorial canons and later taking different paths, including Arnaldo Badodi, Birolli, Broggini, Cassinari, Cherchi, Gauli, Guttuso, Manzù , Morlotti, Paganin, Sassu, Valenti, and Vedova.

The colors he used were always strong and bright, recalling his homeland Sicily with violent and clear lines, the hard and courageous faces making his canvases an expression of the existential struggle, in the continuous and profound confrontation with humanity and with the events that besiege it, in the consciousness and in the hope of freedom and memory, beyond the absurd solitude of existence. Migneco died in Milan on February 28, 1997.

The Cause

The "Associazione AmicidiSean"—FriendsofSean Association—was founded to support Sean Hadfield and other people with his condition. Sean is a 24-year-old man who, at the age of 9, suffered an irreversible spinal cord injury, leaving him in a wheelchair. Due to the injury, he needs 24-hour care, which carries a high financial cost. 

The objective of the association is to offer people with disabilities the highest quality of life possible with all the necessary care needed. The FriendsofSean Association also commits itself to giving a percentage of its funds raised to the Hospital Nacional de Paraplejicos de Toledo in Spain.

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  • In condition as donated.
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