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The Prize

"Paperina" by AdalgisArt.

Dimensions: 25cm x 25cm x 5cm
White frame 
Vintage 70s paper and resin, made with pa penart in 3d
Year: 2019

About the work:

The boat in Adalgisa's works is charged with meaning and expresses everything that the object represents: the journey, the exploration, the desire for knowledge, but also its fragility when faced with the sea, being at the mercy of something immense that you are unable to control. The boat is also a symbol of the modern human being's new way of navigating, going on a voyage of discovery while sitting in front of a screen.

About the artist:

Adalgisa de Angelis (from Salerno) defines herself as an experienced artisan and an artist with a big heart. She works almost exclusively on fiber art and pop art, dedicating herself to important themes such as human suffering and inner "navigation", resulting in creative and composite works.

Her professional and artistic career is full of enriching experiences in Italy and Europe.



The Cause

I Want a Clean World was born from the desire and need of a group of young volunteers to protect their territory and raise awareness of a more careful environmental protection.

Volunteers are dedicated not only to cleaning the beaches and city streets but also, and above all, to social information about the irreversible climate change that the whole world is going through.

It does not take much to change things. The message that I Want a Clean World aims at spreading is "No one made a bigger mistake than someone who did nothing because he could do little".

Join the team through your little but big contribution!


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  • In condition as donated.
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