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The Prize

Il pallone da basket dell'Olimpia Milano, autografato dalla squadra, è all'asta su CharityStars! Il ricavato dell'operazione andrà a contribuire alla costruzione della Casa del Volontario di Milano: VOCE - Volontari al centro, progetto promosso da Comitato VOCE Onlus. Tra i giocatori che hanno firmato il pallone: Alessandro Gentile, Bruno Cerella, Mohamed Touré, Daniel Hackett e Niccolò Melli. 

Partecipa all'asta, contribuirai anche tu ad una buona causa! 

Condizioni: L'aggiudicatario verrà avvisato tramite email e riceverà l'oggetto entro 7 giorni lavorativi dalla chiusura dell'asta. Sarà rilasciato un certificato di originalità su richiesta del donatore. Hai dubbi? Scrivi a info@charitystars.com o chiamaci allo 02 49762138.

Happy Charity!

The Cause

VOCE- Volunteers in the center is the volunteer house of Milan.

It’s a place that holds in new dimensions the community life of the city of Milan and the area. It’s an open space born from the values founded by the volunteers and it inspires itself from the values of an operating and responsible city, paying attention to solidarity and civil duties. Reflection, participation and active citizenship all come together here as references point to give back to youth, the families, the organizations in the area and the volunteers a renewed sense of belonging.

VOCE is foremost a place where useful services and culture is created for the territory; contributing in building a new sense of community life thanks to the values created by the associations and the volunteers.

It’s a knot in the net of organizations, institutions and local services in the Milano area.

It’s a place where people can meet, share experiences, learn and work.

It’s a group of local non-profit associations but it’s also a home for anybody in Europe arriving in Milan to live the experience of Volunteer Services of Europe.

The predicted functions of the VOCE project will be

  • Infopoint on themes regarding volunteering and services

 Orientation for Volunteers for citizens

  • Specialized Library and Document Center open to students, researchers, project makers, non-profit workers and leaders and all those who express interest or need.
  • Cafeteria with outdoor garden to be used as a meeting and sharing point
  • Event space for exhibitions and cultural initiatives
  • University Branch for Volunteers , with two classrooms for teaching handled by in collaboration by institutions, universities entities and associations
  • Meeting rooms for seminars, conventions, presentations, teaching available for the volunteer associations and the third sector in Milan: small or large, flexible, equipped and usable all days of the week
  • Association branches, with flexible spaces for contiuous use, where one can work for their own acrtivities but in a strongly networking oriented
  • Volunteers hostel, a “home” for the young that have come from all over Europe to Milan to live the Volunteer Service of Europe experience in our local associations
  • Ciessevi branch, the one for Volunteer School HelpDesk(created in collaboration with the Educational Provincial Office) e dello Sportello Unico del Volontariato(accesso per pratiche amministrative e consulenze)
  •  We are offering our space as the coordination center for volunters of EXPO 2015

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