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The Prize

“Keep a Child Alive (Pink)", 2011, by Mr Brainwash. 

Mr Brainwash is the moniker of Los Angeles-based filmmaker and Pop artist Thierry Guetta. He has spent the better part of the last decade attempting to make the ultimate street art documentary. Meanwhile, inspired by his subjects, he started hitting the streets, from Los Angeles to Paris, with spray-painted stencils and posters of his pop art-inspired images. He rapidly emerged as a renowned figure on the international street art scene.

One of the most prolific and talked about artists today, Mr Brainwash is also the subject of Banksy’s documentary “Exit Through The Gift Shop". Using Guetta’s street art footage, Banksy succeeded in turning the camera on the only man who ever filmed him. The collaboration resulted in a remarkable documentary that is part personal journey and part an exposé of the art world with its mind-altering mix of hot air and hype.


  • Limited Edition signed and thumb printed  65/150
  • Medium: Print
  • Dimensions: 76 x 57 cm


The Cause

Arms Around The Child believes in a world where children living in extreme adversity have their lives transformed into a bright future. We support children in India and Africa who are orphaned, abandoned, at risk of child abuse (sexual or otherwise), trafficked, rescued from slavery, affected by HIV/AIDS or living in child-headed households. We seek to provide sanctuary, community, warmth, protection, education, healthcare, safety, family, equality, love, hope and respect. The children we support come from the most difficult of beginnings, but they have been rescued from harm and need continuous support. Each and every child deserves happiness and an equal chance at what life has to offer.



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