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An Official Collaboration When DreamWorks Animation wanted to do something extra special to celebrate their 25th anniversary, having their very own Opus was the ideal solution. Four years in the making, this large format, limited edition art book celebrates a quarter of a century of excellence and innovation by one of the world’s leading animation studios.

A Luxury Publication From the blue leather which covers the book, to the silver gilding on the pages, to the endpapers decorated with nearly 200 different character sketches, everything about this colossal tome exudes the utmost quality. 

This Edition comes with a VERY special signature sheet thats signed by a host A-List actors and directors: to date, the limited edition sheets have also been signed by the following talent:
Actors: Alec Baldwin, Jay Baruchel, Jack Black, Gerard Butler, Nicolas Cage, James Corden, Cameron Diaz, Craig Ferguson, America Ferrera, Jeff Goldblum, Anna Kendrick, Lisa Kudrow, Andy Serkis, Ben Stiller.
Directors: Brenda Chapman, Lorna Cook, Eric Darnell, Dean DeBlois, Walt Dohrn, Steve Hickner, Vicky Jenson, Tim Johnson, Tom McGrath, Rob Minkoff, Jennifer Yuh Nelson, Peter Ramsey, Chris Sanders, Conrad Vernon, Simon Wells.

A Cinematic Scale Printed using state-of-the-art high defi nition technology on luxury 200gsm silk paper, each page measures 45cm (17.7 inch) square. This gargantuan format allows for film stills, visual development art and computer-generated renders to be reproduced at an unprecedented size. Images frequently appear at nearly a metre wide, showcasing the inherent detail like never before.


The Cause

We are a charity that supports vulnerable, homeless, marginalised people and Veterans. We help them transform their lives, providing accommodation and helping them gain the skills, confidence and opportunities to live their lives independently.

We are driven by a passion to care for those that are overlooked, neglected, abandoned and made vulnerable by society, in a way that does not judge but rather offers hope and practical care for those who need it most.

Alabaré believes that if we work together, we can achieve our vision of a society where everyone has the opportunity to live a fulfilling life. Alabaré supports rough sleepers, young parents and their babies, vulnerable women, adults with addictions, mental ill-health, and learning difficulties, young people leaving the care system, and Veterans.  Each year Alabaré supports around 2,000 people by providing a safe home and support through 90 Homes and Services in the South West, South and throughout Wales.

Alabaré is the largest provider of homes for Veterans outside of London, with 23 homes in eleven areas in the South, South West, and Wales. Alabaré must raise £815,000 to support the vulnerable and homeless Veterans gain the skills, opportunities and confidence to live transformed lives outside of the military community.

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