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In order to foster, support and tap into the talents of San Patrignano's young people over 40 professional training activities have been established. This hub aspires to convey knowledge of artisanal skills that combing handcrafting and technology in order to respond to modern market demands. In the San Patrignano workshops there is a feeling of traditional crafts shops, in which creativity meets personal rehabilitation. The training apprenticeships aid the community's people  in getting back to work, giving them the chance to learn Italian crafts and passing down thousand-year-old traditions to the younger generation. 

The training programs last on average 6 months and can be renewed up to 24 months. 

A 6-month training course costs € 5.000

The Cause

The San Patrignano recovery community is a home for youth who have lost their way. It is a family that helps them find a life made up of self-esteem, dignity, responsibility and enthusiasm.

Since 1978 it has been and continues to be unique and the best at the European level, focusing on it's residents and helping them learn a trade that can be applied, and assisted from external support through online donations.

The San Patrignano community is alive with the help and support of those who have already had similar life experiences—those who understand the difficulties, hardships and exclusions. The community reconstructs the identity of people by strengthening the values of honesty, commitment, respect for themselves and for others, solidarity and interpersonal skills.

The community of recovery from drug dependency is also a commitment to a better society through various prevention projects: specific activities in schools and international events battling addiction.

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