Return Policy

If you are a buyer based in the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) or United Kingdom (UK), you may benefit from certain consumer rights when you buy items from professional sellers. This regulation usually also applies to buying from professional sellers based outside the EU/EEA or UK. These rights relating to online purchases are sometimes referred to as “distance selling laws”.

It is important to note that these consumer rights have conditions and some exceptions that apply. In addition, these buyer protection rights do not apply if you purchase the item(s) from a Private Seller. Some buyers will therefore be able to benefit from the "Right of Withdrawal", without needing to offer any valid reason, and return the purchased goods no later than 14 days from receipt of the item. In case of purchase of an item that has been signed or comes with a dedication, we stress that all signatures are subjected to strict quality control by our team of specialists before being approved for listing on the website.

In some cases, items and/or artworks bearing autographs, dedications or signatures come complete with certificates of authenticity provided by third parties. CharityStars undertakes to verify their reliability but does not assume responsibility for the absolute authenticity of such certification as there is no regulated and official control body capable of attesting to their absolute authenticity. It is therefore important for all buyers to understand that any autographs, signatures and/or dedications can only receive full and absolute certification from the signee of the autograph and any requests for reimbursement related to the authenticity of the calligraphic strokes of signatures and/or dedications will be refused, regardless of supporting documents such as "quick opinions" and/or "expert evaluations" provided by third parties or private entities.

In the event that the buyer acquires irrefutable evidence proving the inauthenticity of an item purchased on our platform, CharityStars undertakes to evaluate the elements of proof and, at its complete discretion, potentially authorize a full refund for the purchase, including the initial service fee and shipping costs.

This request for refund must be made no later than 2 months from receipt of the item by the buyer.

Any and all shipping costs for returning the item must be paid for by the buyer. For no reason and under no circumstances will CharityStars accept refund requests made beyond the two time periods set out above.