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The Prize

Una subasta especial en CharityStars, un objeto unico... la corbata utilizada por Tiziano Ferro en el manifesto del tour "Nadie està solo".

La corbata, de la celebre maison Dolce & Gabbana, tiene la firma de Tiziano que decidiò ponerla en subasta para apoyar el proyecto de Cure2Children

Ententa a ganar este objeto tan especial! Apoyaras Tiziano por una buena causa!

Proyecto: Cure2Children - Stop Thalassemia

Condiciones: se avisarà el ganador por correo electronico y la corbata se entregarà entre 7 dias de trabajo desde el dia que se termine la subasta. Tienes dudas?  Escribenos a info@charitystars.com o marcanos a este numero telefonico 0039 - 02 49762138.

Happy Charity!

The Cause

The “CURE2CHILDREN’ ONLUS (C2C) was founded by an oncologic medic, Dr. Lawrence Faulkner, and a group of parents that have suffered, and continue to do so everyday, the pain of losing their child.

“CURE2CHILDREN” aims to bring the cure and directly prevent by going on location to the developing countries. Since 2007 there has been active projects in Pakistan, India, Kosovo, Georgia and more are taking form in African and Asian countries. With modest investments, made directly into these areas, while utilizing the therapeutic methods of the western countries, we cure children suffering from tumors and blood diseases, directly in their countries, where the “cure” is often inaccessible or unknown, and the disease can represent for the child and his family a sentence, a judgment that cannot be appealed.

In addition to the logistics support, we provide doctors and medical staff able to autonomously take care of the little patients affected by these terrible diseases. There are many children who unfortunately are affected by cancer. Some today battle the disease. Some instead die because of the extreme uncontrollability and aggressiveness of the disease, others due to complications from toxins in the medicine, others instead from infections. These are the risks to take into account. What cannot ever be accepted is to have a child die from a medicine that was improperly given or dosed wrong, an exam or control that may have been skipped because of the lack of tools for an adequate or necessary reading. 


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