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The Prize

Take home this beautiful artwork by Alessandro Padovan.


  • Acrylic on self-tapping bronze screws (Screw Art)
  • Dimensions: H50 x L50 x D7 cm

This alternative technique aims to cross the boundary that usually separates painting from sculpture. The screws, inserted to varying degrees, give three-dimensionality to Padovan's works and have become the main medium through which his subjects take form.

The Screw Art technique is not well known, but over the last 5 years Alessandro's works have been displayed in galleries, auction houses, and art fairs in Italy and abroad, as well as at important charity gala events.

The real originality of this work lies in the technique and the three-dimensional effect obtained through the varying depths of the screws that are then painted to transform them into a contemporary sculpture/painting - producing a work of art.

Alessandro Padovan (born in 1983) is a self-taught artist who graduated with a degree in technical mechanics. He began his art career in 2012 as part of a duo that went by the name of "Drill Monkeys Art Duo" and then went solo from January 2017.

The Cause

The "Together for Fily" association was set up because we, the parents, wanted to continue what our son had started.
The main purpose of the association is to help children and teenagers suffering from tumors or other serious illnesses by putting a smile on their faces. The joy of giving emotions, respite or distraction to sick children, especially on cancer wards, is something indescribable. We want to give young patients something else to think about instead of spending hours looking at the drips and the chemotherapy trolleys.
It doesn't take much to change a young patient's day: a gift, a surprise or an unexpected gesture of kindness.
We want to help parents who are caring for children and suffering as they try to be strong for their loved ones.  

We are Filippo's parents and we spent 14 months at the "Center for Tumors in Milan. We experienced a period that allowed us to touch suffering first hand. We understand the needs that both children and parents have at a time like that. We want share our experience to help others: if we can support parents who are suffering we'll be keeping Filippo's memory and smile alive.

The Association encourages community solidarity and carries out charitable activities and social and health assistance for children and teenagers affected by cancer or other serious illnesses, by bringing gifts, organizing trips, visits and leisure days for young patients and their parents.

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