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The Prize

Vivi un'esperienza esclusiva durante la Milano Fashion Week

Aggiudicati 1 invito per assistere alla sfilata di Versace della nuova collezione Primavera/Estate 2017 riservata alla donna. 

L'evento si terrà  venerdì, 23 Settembre, alle h. 18.00 presso Piazza Carlo Magno, Gate 17, Milano.

I proventi raccolti sosterranno Operation Smile

Condizioni: L'ingresso è consentito a due persone. Ulteriori informazioni saranno date al vincitore dell'asta. Dovranno inoltre essere forniti i 2 nominativi dei partecipanti. La sfilata avrà luogo venerdì, 23 Settembre, alle h. 18.00 presso Piazza Carlo Magno, Gate 17, Milano. Ogni altro genere di spesa o dettaglio organizzativo è a carico del vincitore dell'asta. Per info scrivi a info@charitystars.com o chiamaci allo +39 02 4003 1010.

Live a Dream, Make a Change

The Cause

Founded in Italy in 2000, the Operation Smile Italia Onlus Foundation relies on a vast network of doctors, nurses and health professionals who treat and assist children and adults born with cranio-maxillofacial malformations such as cleft lip and palate in Italy and around the world.

The Foundation operates in Italy through the “Smile House” project, which lends its support to the National Healthcare System by providing care and assistance, from prenatal diagnosis to the completion of the patient's care.

Since 2013, the Foundation has been collaborating with the Navy with the “Sea of Smiles” project and continues to work on the “World Care Program”, a surgery and medical assistance program for patients from countries in which the organization does not operate.

The Operation Smile Italia Onlus Foundation is a non-profit organization for social good belonging to an international organization that is approaching 40 years of experience in treating the disease. Thanks to thousands of medical volunteers, nurses and health workers from all over the world, the Foundation is committed to making surgical treatment accessible and free in low and middle-income countries, training local health personnel and donating hospital medical equipment for the care and assistance of all those born with a facial malformations.

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