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The prestigious and world-renowned Filarmonica della Scala was first set up by Claudio Abbado and the musicians of La Scala Opera House in 1982 with the objective of developing a symphonic repertoire in order to add a further dimension to La Scala’s great operatic tradition. Since then, the Milanes based Orchestra continues to showcase its incredible collection of talented musicians, impressing audiences around the world with their seamless musical performances. Whether you are looking for a private awe-inspiring performance to uplift the spirits, or an inspirational masterclass, this intimate musical experience is guaranteed to impress any classical music lover.

About Sandro Laffranchini:

Sandro Laffranchini belongs to the school of musicians from Brescia, begins his studies with his father first Cello at the La Scala from 1969 t0 2005, continues his studies at Milan Conservatory and than with M. Brunello, R. Filippini, T. Demenga.

Wins as first Cello at the Accademy of Santa Cecilia Rome and then La Scale Opera House and Philarmonic until today

Cooperates with: World Orchestra for Peace (V. Gergiev), London Symphony Orchestra and Zurich Orchestra dell'Opera, l'Orchestra Filarmonica Italiana, di Aosta, Umbria e Siciliana, Osaka Symphony, Siberian Symphony di Krasnoyarsk and with the chamber orchestras of La Scala (Arches, Virtuosi e Cameristi).

In 2016 he played the Suites of Bach with the Ballet of La Scala in Cina.

Plays Carlo Antonio Testore Cello from 1730.

The Cause

For 35 years, Food Bank For New York City has been the city’s major hunger-relief organization working to end hunger throughout the five boroughs. Nearly one in five New Yorkers relies on Food Bank for food and other resources. Food Bank takes a strategic, multifaceted approach that provides meals and builds capacity in the neediest communities, while raising awareness and engagement among all New Yorkers. Through its network of more than 1,000 charities and schools citywide, Food Bank provides food for nearly 58 million free meals for New Yorkers in need. Food Bank For New York City’s income support services, including food stamps (also known as SNAP) and free tax assistance for the working poor, put more than $115 million each year into the pockets of New Yorkers, helping them to afford food and achieve greater dignity and independence. Food Bank’s nutrition education programs and services empower more than 50,000 children, teens and adults to sustain a healthy diet on a limited budget. Working toward long-term solutions to food poverty, Food Bank develops policy and conducts research to inform community and government efforts.

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