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"May" by Carol Peace.

Carol Peace is a figurative sculptor based in London. Her intensely personal work is shown and collected all over the UK, Europe, the Far East and United States. Her large-scale work is permanently on show at Glyndebourne and at the Dorchester’s country house hotel in Ascot.

This sculpture in iron resin was made in May while Carol was in Barcelona.

The sculptures are made in clay, which like charcoal is quick to make marks with, once finished it is cast into bronze, those fluid marks of the making are then fixed forever.

“The work is about everyday life, in its minutia, the sheer fantastic-ness of it all.”

Tense flamenco meets upright Edwardian bursting with passion. This is for finding things when you’re not looking. This is for when things come easily, simply, without pain.

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  • It is the responsibility of the prize winner to arrange and pay for couriers to collect the prize if it is not possible to take home on the evening of the Merry Little Christmas Concert.


The Cause

All young people should feel safe, cared for, and listened to. But we know, for children who desperately need help, it’s often difficult to speak out.

Every day of the year, 24 hours a day, our unique Childline service – the world’s first ever helpline for young people – is here to help those young people find their voice, whatever their worry, online and on the phone. With your generosity and support we’re here for children who feel they have no one else to talk to and nowhere else to turn.

Today, a child contacts us every 25 seconds.

Some are going through the toughest times of their lives. They talk to us about problems they often feel they can’t talk to anyone else about.

Fortunately, many children found the courage to speak to us last year and get the help they need so they can take back control.

But this number puts a great strain on our services. It’s only with the support of people like you that Childline can continue to be there for the children who desperately need us so that they can look to the next day with hope and the knowledge that someone is on their side.

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