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Andy Warhol 'Dollar Sign'

Andy Warhol’s ‘Dollar Signs’ have become the most iconic and definitive image of 1960s America and synonymous with Warhol’s oeuvre. Their popularity in the early 1960s became a symbol of the Pop Art movement illustrating the conflation of mass culture and high art. The development of bourgeois society provided Warhol with a uniform body of images – Campbell’s soup cans, dollar signs, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor - that he would later identify then fetishise as America’s true cultural symbols. In the early 1960s, he depicted one-dollar bills and then in the late 70s and early 80s he returned to this imagery and completed a whole series of drawings and paintings of the dollar sign.  Similar sketches in marker originate from the period [1974-75] in which Warhol wrote his ‘The Philosophy of Andy Warhol’ books. 

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Global Gift Foundation

The Global Gift Gala is a unique international fundraising gala initiative. This platform brings together the worlds of Business, Celebrity and Philanthropy to raise funds and awareness. They unite forces to create a substantial difference in the lives of countless children and women worldwide. The Global Gift Gala is a tribute to those that support and foster awareness for children, families & the empowerment of women. The Global Gift Gala honors those special individuals that have impacted the world through their endless philanthropic work with The Global Gift Humanitarian Award. The G...