YMCA World Book Day Charity Auction and Fundraising Campaign

Celebrate the magic of books while making a meaningful impact on our community! Introducing the YMCA World Book Day Charity Auction and Fundraising Campaign, where the literary world comes together to create positive change.

About the Event: In the spirit of World Book Day, YMCA has organised a panel of authors, poets, artists and publishers to meet residents and school kids to talk about their experience and the work prospects in their sectors. Present on the day will also be a second-hand book sale, stalls from vendors and a bake sale! To support our fundraising efforts, the renowned authors who graced our World Book Event have generously donated exclusive items. Additionally, patrons have contributed special toys and literary-themed treasures during the holiday season. Now, these unique items are up for auction, giving you the chance to bring home a piece of literary history while supporting vital community initiatives.

Where Your Support Goes: The funds raised will go towards enriching the lives of our YMCA residents. We have exciting plans in place, including:

  • Sanitary Bank: Ensuring access to essential hygiene products for all residents.
  • Community Garden Project: Cultivating a shared space for greenery and community bonding.
  • Summer Days Out: Creating memorable experiences with outings and activities.
  • Pool Day: Providing a refreshing escape during the summer months.
  • Summer Picnic: A delightful gathering for all residents to celebrate community spirit.
  • Movie Nights: Enjoying the magic of cinema together.

…and much more!

 How You Can Contribute: Participate in the auction, bid generously, and help us make a difference in the lives of those who call our housing project home. Every contribution, big or small, takes us one step closer to turning these dreams into reality. Or, if you can attend the event, come purchase something from our bake-sale and our second-hand book stall!


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