Music Support: Taking Action on Addiction

The global pandemic has had a devastating impact on the music & events industries from performers to the thousands who work alongside them, with many still unable to return to work. High risk levels of drinking have soared during Covid with a 20% increase in 2020 from the previous year of those seeking helping from addiction services.
Addiction can happen to anyone and is often triggered by childhood experiences or loneliness, anxiety and isolation. However, addiction is one of the only mental health conditions where the person suffering with it is blamed. This lack of awareness of the true causes and scale of addiction in society means that too many people hide their addiction and do not seek help early enough.
Music Support is proud to be a part of the “Taking Action on Addiction” campaign in which we are calling for addiction to be treated as a serious mental health condition and seeking access to treatment, support and care so recovery can be possible for everyone.   
We are incredibly grateful to our music industry peers for donating these amazing prizes to raise funds and awareness to help Music Support to continue our crucial efforts in helping those who work in music and/or live events affected by mental ill-health and/or addiction. 

  • £5 could help us to answer a call that could save someone's life
  • £50 could help us to provide FREE access to NHS approved wellbeing app Thrive to help manage stress, anxiety and depression
  • £500 could help us to deliver training courses that equip industry peers with knowledge and skills to support colleagues affected by mental ill-health and/or addiction
  • £5000 could contribute towards a clinical assessment and residential treatment for someone in crisis