The Prize

Let's make this Christmas one to remember with a special message from one of the biggest stars on the planet: Liam Payne. As 1/5 of the world's biggest boyband, you'd have to search long and hard to find someone who wouldn't want this!

The Cause

Global’s Make Some Noise raises money for small charities up and down the country, supporting the most vulnerable people in our communities.

Through the charity’s Emergency Appeal, they’re providing crucial funding to small charities and community projects that are working tirelessly to help those hit hardest by coronavirus. 

This includes people who are homeless and families living in poverty, vulnerable people with care needs, those affected by domestic abuse, as well as those experiencing grief, loneliness or mental health problems. 

As the official charity of Global, the Media and Entertainment Group, Make Some Noise brings together the UK’s best-loved radio stations - Heart, Capital, LBC, Capital XTRA, Classic FM, Smooth, Radio X and Gold - as well as some special celebrity friends, to raise money for small charities that change lives.


You'll get a chance to leave a message once you've donated.
Anonymous 5 months ago

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Ashley!

Cornelia Luszczek 5 months ago

Dear Liam, whenever you're sad or upset I want you to think about just HOW MANY people you're making happy and proud of you with what you're doing. Watching you performing on stage, talking about anything on insta and showing us your paintings is pure joy. You're a blessing for those who want to know the truth about this phenomenon called One Direction, far away from manipulated footage and sensational articles. I'm so happy you're authentic, humble, and honest. Thank you for the content you've been providing us with. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. I solemnly hope you're enjoying it as much as we do. May you and your dearest ones keep healthy and safe xxx Love from Germany Nelly

Anonymous 5 months ago

Hi Liam, thanks a lot for this amazing initiative. I love you so much. Getting a video message from you is like my biggest dream. You’re an amazing artist and the nicest person ever. Hope you’ll come to France for a show when it’s possible again. I watched your 3 LP shows and all of them were amazing. Also you’re hotter than ever with long hair. I’m probably your biggest male fan

Natacha Bilyk 5 months ago

Thank you to Liam and all the other artists for using their name for such a great cause. ♥️

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