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Hello dear friends!
My birthday is coming up soon! It’s on July 4th. I don’t tend to go too big for my birthday and so I don’t usually ask for much, but this birthday I would be so grateful if you all might consider giving me a gift by giving a little bit of your hard earned money to my favorite organization, Communities In Schools of Los Angeles (CISLA).  
CISLA is such an incredible organization that’s making huge contributions to our communities.  And your donation will help them continue their important work!
Every little bit counts!  So donate for 10 entries, or 1,000!  And if you win, you get to have a zoom meeting with me.

We can sing a song together, or talk about the music business, or I can share my advice/experience about being in a band, being on the road, and how to balance time with family and time with work. 
Good luck and...
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!



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John Wood1 year ago

Sad Face. If only the dreams were real then we would feel no pain.

Nicholas Harrington1 year ago

Big kisses david and judith Mellon xox

Judith Mellon1 year ago

You're the best!

Anonymous1 year ago

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