The Prize

Hey guys,

This year for my birthday I decided I wanted to do something really amazing, and I'm hoping you'll help me out. If you do, I've put together some pretty cool rewards for you to thank you for giving me the best birthday gift ever.

Did you know that only $25 can supply a person with a lifetime of clean water? That's a huge impact we can make on the life of another human being. I believe no one should have to hike miles and miles for clean water or resort to drinking contaiminated water that will make them seriously ill, or even kill them. That's why I've teamed up with the Thirst Project in their mission to end the water crisis. We can supply an entire village with a clean water well for $12,000, and it's my goal that with your help we will be able to build two clean water wells.

If you make a small donation here to help the Thirst Project, you'll be automatically entered to win something I think will be pretty fun—a lunch date with me in Los Angeles. I'll fly you and a guest out to meet me here in California, and we'll go to one of my favorite places and talk about whatever you want! I seriously can't wait.

So please, check out the rewards below, enter to win, and let's do this!


The Cause


Our mission at the Thirst Project is simple: Build a socially-conscious generation of young people who will END the global water crisis. We do this by educating students about the crisis and activating them to rock the clean water cause and build real water projects all over the world. Why Water? Health and sanitation: Waterborne diseases kill more children every single year than AIDS, Malaria, and all world violence combined. Small children typically do not have strong enough immune systems to fight diseases like cholera, dysentery, or schistosomiasis.

By providing a community with safe drinking water, disease rates can drop by up to 88% virtually overnight! Child mortality rates can drop up to 90% overnight! Clean water also plays an incredibly critical role in effectively treating and managing HIV/AIDS in rural communities.

Women and children spend on average six to eight hours each day walking to fetch water. The average distance that women and children in developing communities walk to fetch water is 3.75 miles. The time children spend collecting water keeps them from going to school and getting an education.


Make a donation and receive entries to win the grand prize.
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Thank You Video
5 Entries+

Thank You Video

Receive a video from Cameron thanking you for your donation!

Donate $25
Campaign T-shirt
10 Entries+

Campaign T-shirt

Receive an exclusive campaign t-shirt, as well as the thank you video!

Donate $50
Signed Photo
20 Entries+

Signed Photo

Receive a photo signed by Cameron, as well as the campaign t-shirt and thank you video!

Donate $100
Signed Poster
30 Entries+

Signed Poster

Receive a "Descendants" poster signed by Cameron, as well as the campaign t-shirt and thank you video!

Donate $150
Signed DVD
30 Entries+

Signed DVD

Receive a "Descendants" DVD signed by Cameron, as well as the campaign t-shirt and thank you video!

Donate $150
Signed and Personalized Script
100 Entries+

Signed and Personalized Script

Receive a personalized "Jessie" script signed by Cameron, as well as the campaign t-shirt and thank you video!

Sold out
Social Media Shoutout
150 Entries+

Social Media Shoutout

Receive a shoutout from Cameron across his social media platforms, as well as the campaign t-shirt and thank you video!

Donate $750

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Sophie Swiszcz 7 hours ago

Hi my name is Sophie. I live in Colorado. Love watching you on Jessie. Would really enjoy meeting you.

Olyvia Gregg 10 hours ago

I wish I could give more! But I am happy to help a good cause in any way that I can. What you're doing is amazing!

Camryn Daniels 1 day ago

I am proud to donate to this campaign. I hope the goal is reached, and as many wells are built as possible. I'm so happy that you are using your voice to make a change :,). I am confident that this generation can and will do great things, including (but not limited to) ending the global water crisis. So, one more time, I am proud to be a part of this. I would donate more this time, but in this economy?? Next paycheck has Thirst Project written all over it lol.

bryanna Grossman 1 day ago

I think Its pretty Amazing that your donating all the money to kids who don't have clean water. You are Definetly someone I look up to, Continue doing the awsome work your doing. I'm such a Big fan of yours and it would be awsome having lunch with you

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