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A Limited Edition Deluxe Gift Pack box.

  • The items included in the deluxe box are:
  • Isles Deluxe 3LP Vinyl
  • Isles Test Pressing signed by Matt and Andy and only available in the deluxe bundle 
  • Limited to the deluxe bundle A3 Isles poster signed by Matt and Andy and numbered
  • Logo Puff Print Hoodie in colour of your choice
  • Spinning Bicep Logo Keyring
  • Pair of Bicep socks in colour of your choice
  • Reflective print tote bag

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"It's so important we support initiatives like Choose Love this winter. The vital work they do across the globe helping refugees and those critically in need is immense and so important. This time of year more than ever and particularly with the ongoing covid crisis they need our help.”

Matt and Andy Bicep

The Cause

Choose Love does whatever it takes to identify, close and prevent gaps in services and protections for refugees and displaced people, from life-saving search and rescue to life-changing education and training, Choose Love provides emergency aid and long-term solutions where they are needed most.

Around the world, refugees face a freezing winter in tents and makeshift shelters all amidst a global pandemic. No one chooses to be a refugee. But we can choose how we respond. All proceeds from our auction and sweepstake Charity Stars this winter will help us get the desperately-needed items and services to the places and people that need them most. Your generous bids will buy blankets, kids coats, firewood, medical care, nutritious, warming food and more. 

We are so grateful to our friends and supporters who have donated these incredible experiences and offerings to help fund our emergency response work this winter.


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Rebekah Palethorpe 18 days ago

2020 was saved with your live stream... bring on the album launch and stream #2 !!

Aimée Dick 19 days ago


Claire Quince 20 days ago

Love your work

Anonymous 21 days ago

Hope I manage to get this one! New album sounding absolutely amazing.

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