United against coronavirus

#ViralForGood is the fundraising campaign intent on helping Italy defeat the coronavirus.

We can all make a vital contribution to the cause by donating. All funds raised are sent to the Protezione Civile (Department of Civil Protection), which has the crucial role of coordinating all response actions to this crisis at a national level. 

This fundamental mission and the tools at its disposal make it the most effective authority to promptly distribute the funds where the needs are greatest.

All raised funds will be used for important uses, including:

  • Purchasing devices for intensive care units and operating theaters for the most in-need hospitals, to alleviate the suffering and save the lives of our fellow citizens
  • Supplying masks, gloves, and protective suits to keep our doctors, nurses, and the other heroes fighting on the frontlines as safe as possible

The virality factor of the coronavirus is believed to be between 2 and 3. This means that, without the appropriate countermeasures, each infected person will, in turn, infect at least two others. If each person who donates convinces three other people to also do so, the donations spread faster than the virus, beating it at its own game.

At this time of extreme difficulty for Italy, there is also an opportunity for each of us to rise to the challenge.  United, we can defeat the coronavirus. Donate with us and encourage at least three friends to do the same. Let’s spread solidarity faster than the coronavirus.  #ViralForGood

Please note, the Charity Stars platform does not apply any transaction costs to your donation.  Everything you donate (minus credit card commissions, max 2%) will go directly to the Protezione Civile


Major donors:

  • Bending Spoons
  • Fatture in Cloud
  • Danea Soft


Additional Details

  • CharityStars will not apply any transaction charges to your donation. Everything you donate (less credit card processing fee, which is less than 2%) will be devolved to the Italian Civil Protection.

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