The Goal

Insuperabili Reset Academy: 17 football academies across the nation comprising 650 athletes – both young people and adults – all with intellectual, motor, sensory, behavioral and relational disabilities. The athletes, who are divided into categories based on their conditions, attend three training sessions per week and take part in the FISDIR, FISPES, Fourth Category, Local Championships and international tournaments throughout the season.

On the field the staff working with the teams is made up of multidisciplinary professionals with sports and psycho-educational backgrounds who utilize their knowledge to help the athletes to develop on and off the pitch by observing their progress through the adoption of monitoring tools (observational checklists and sports tests) available on the Insuperabili APP, allowing for direct communication between the team, the families and the athletes.

However, Insuperabili is more than just a football school, it’s a movement that intends to promote change in the way we think of people with disabilities to champion an overall improvement in their quality of life. This is why the organization has set up:

- Insuperabili Shop, , a clothing store that gives them a chance to experience the workplace
- Insuperabili Lab, meeting place and somewhere to improve skills through sports and recreational creative laboratories
- In Super Camp, day and residential multi-sport summer camps to nurture abilities that encourage independence
- In Super Project, social inclusion projects aimed at schools of all levels and football schools

Additional Details

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