The Prize

Hi Everyone, 

There are a few things I know about life...

We hustle together.
We grind together.
We change the game together.
We DREAM together.

And together, in honor of our shared struggles and triumphs, we hold the door open for other young women who dream as we do.

Let’s continue to share our journey. So that they can believe in their DREAM too.

We’re excited to share that Brown Girls Dream will be building exciting new mentorship programming to launch in 2020, allowing us to serve many more young women of color around the country as they build meaningful careers in sports, entertainment, media & the arts.

By purchasing your #BrownGirlsDream t-shirt now, you are helping us to take our BAD ASS programming to the next level. We’re so grateful to be able to count on your support as we further our mission & #CreateSpace for our young & talented sisters.



The Cause

Brown Girls Dream creates space for driven and successful women to come together to discuss personal and professional goals, as they embark on their career journey. Our mission is to give hope, provide support and build a safe network for young women of color, who are looking to make a difference in our society through sports, entertainment, media and the arts.

Brown Girls Dream provides our constituents with hands on mentoring with highly successful women in the industry, cutting edge educational content and inclusive networking retreats. We are expanding our programming for 2020 to allow us to reach even more exceptional young women around the country and working towards our first Brown Girls Dream National Summit.