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The Prize

Aggiudicati questa esclusiva e incredibile opportunità.

Kris Grove, da quindici anni ambasciatrice in radio e Tv delle eccellenze Made in Italy nel mondo e paladina della qualità dell’aria (Air Quality Alliance) e Pietro Martani, fondatore di Copernico e Halldis, mettono in palio un pranzo per scoprire insieme a te il tuo talento e dare sviluppo alla tua idea.

The Cause

Vivaio is an Italian Charity which aims to create and develop different projects for Milan to make the city become a worldwide leader in technology and tourism, mainly through the involvement of its citizens. 

Since spring 2012, a group of people have started different meetings to create a space where they can find some interesting projects for Milan.

The group is composed by people from Milan with different areas of expertise, some having several experiences in foreign countries. They want to make the city the most important in the world. 

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