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The Prize

Ever wondered what it’s like to experience zero gravity? Here is a unique opportunity to find out.

Become an elite passenger and join the likes of Richard Branson, Stephen Hawking and Buzz Aldrin as you board a special Zero G aircraft designed to recreate the true sensation of total weightlessness, as if flying in space.

You will go up in the very aircraft NASA and other space agencies use to train astronauts to live and work in space.

You start the day with a detailed briefing from your flight crew, and will be given your Zero gravity flight suit, which you'll be able to keep as a memento of your experience.

You'll be driven onto the tarmac from the private hanger and escorted onto the plane.

Once in the air the aircraft will perform manoeuvres to create the weightless experience.

Landing back on earth, you'll be presented with a certificate of your achievement and you'll have photos and videos of the experience to remember it by.

After your flight you'll have a debrief and lunch before heading back to your hotel.

The 4-day trip includes 4 nights at a luxury hotel and transfers to Cape Canaveral's Kennedy Space centre.

You'll be given VIP tickets to the active NASA base, where you'll also join an audience with one of the NASA astronauts.

*Trip must be taken within 12 months of purchase date.

Lunch will be held as part of a group.

The Cause

Fashion For Relief works to ensure that the world’s excluded children have access to life-saving healthcare and quality education.

It's been the their mission to help the most deprived and marginalized children, and with this campaign, they will work to ensure millions of children worldwide have equal opportunity regardless of where they live. The focus of this campaign is to aid in the well-being and development of children displaced and affected by war so as to end the child refugee crisis worldwide.

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  • Total number of people: 1.
  • We expect all winning bidders and guests to conduct themselves appropriately and be polite and respectful at all times.
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