War Child UK

Across the world, 1 in 6 children are affected by armed conflict. More children are at risk today than at the end of the second world war. With the generosity of our supporters, we strive to create a safer future for every child living in conflict.

30 years ago, the very idea that children in conflict zones needed specialist psychological support was a neglected concept. War Child's qualified aid professionals have since listened and learned. And for three decades now, they have delivered what communities need and want, even in the most dangerous situations. 

From the moment the best of the British music industry came together to record the number-one HELP! Album, in 24 hours, amassing £1.25 million, we've been raising money for children across the world by working with the greatest artists. We hope to give you a way to support a great cause whilst watching artists do what they do best. From Paul McCartney, Oasis, and Radiohead right through to the artists playing BRITs Week 2023.

Join us for BRITs Week 2023, presented by Mastercard for War Child. Help us create change for the next 30 years.