The Charlie Fogarty Foundation

Charlie Fogarty's inspiring journey is a testament to his unwavering strength and determination. Following a severe brain injury in March 2012, he defied expectations and embarked on a remarkable path to recovery. After spending 11 challenging days in intensive care, Charlie underwent four months of rehabilitation in a Neuro ward.

During his rehabilitation at Surrey Children's Trust, Charlie's determination led to significant progress as he relearned fundamental skills like eating, walking, and talking. In February 2013, he achieved a significant milestone by returning home.

Prior to the accident, Charlie was pursuing a promising football career, including stints at Birmingham City FC's Academy and trials for Milton Keynes Dons. Despite the brain injury severely impacting his educational memory, he decided to return to his previous school in Solihull and enrolled in the Higher National Diploma in Sports Science program.

Charlie's love for football remained strong, and he joined the West Midlands Centre of Excellence Cerebral Palsy team in July 2013. His talent and resilience on the field led to his selection for the Northern Ireland CP team in January 2015. He had the opportunity to represent his country in various tournaments, including the Intercontinental CP Championships in Denmark and the CP World Cup at St George's Park, England.

Charlie knows first hand how difficult it is to get the necessary support and help needed which is why he started The Charlie Fogarty Foundation to mark this occasion and raise money to support other people who may need additional help and support at some stage in their life.


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