The British & Irish Lions Trust

The full profit from this auction will go to The British & Irish Lions Trust - the official charity of The British & Irish Lions.

The Lions Trust exists to connect with, nurture and support all Lions players in need, whilst furthering the spirit, values and ethos of The British & Irish Lions throughout rugby clubs across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The Trust contributes to the Lions responsibility to the past while also helping protect the future of rugby’s most special sporting and social entity. A key priority is the welfare of Lions players who can’t access the necessary financial, medical and appropriate complementary support required to live in a dignified manner. The Trust also seeks to nurture ongoing relationships with all Lions, to recognise and celebrate the contributions they have made to building the Lions legacy both on and off the field. Finally, The Lions Trust is committed to the promotion and, where appropriate, direct support of any Home Union initiative that broadens and deepens connection with the Lions and our ethos among grassroots clubs, communities and players at all levels.