Società della Salute Pistoiese

The Società della Salute (Health Society) is a public-law body, set up in the form of a consortium, whose creation derives from the introduction of a new concept that marks the difference between 'health' and 'health'. Health, in fact, understood as physical, psychic and social wellbeing, can only be achieved with an overall vision of the services aimed at citizens. In fact, it is also achieved by using channels that are not purely health-related, and depends on factors linked to the socio-economic, environmental and cultural context.

The priority objective of the Health Society is to improve the health and wellbeing of the population, with particular attention to the weakest groups. The data on the population's state of health are the basis on which it identifies the objectives and plans the territorial social and health interventions. The SdS organises the sociomedical activities of non-self-sufficiency and disability and the social assistance activities indicated by the regional integrated health and social plan. In addition to planning, the Health Society is responsible for the management of services, integrating the activities of the municipalities and the health authority. The Health Society is, in fact, the citizens' gateway to territorial services: a tool for guaranteeing better social and health services, optimising available resources and improving the level of involvement and satisfaction of operators and the population.